Fun Family Activities to do this Summer

Kids’ league sports and sports lessons are still up in the air. However, fun family activities to do this summer include learning a new sport as a family. If your kids are old enough to run around on a grassy field, they are old enough to learn soccer, football, baseball, volleyball, or even golf.

We were thinking about that when we came across this great article online This blog post lays out ten very practical and fun things people can do this summer to take the place of the traditional vacation. If you are stressed by you vacation plans being canceled or are just interested in the topic, we suggest giving it a read. Hopefully you will also find value in it.

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Technology Innovations in Business

Not only do you need to be nimble in your field of business, but in this fast-moving world of technology, you also need to be up to date on the advances that could make jobs more efficient. Yet, when businesses set their annual budgets, only about 33% of it goes to improving technology. Here are the trends to track that can help increase technology innovations in business and keep you on top of the tech game.

We were thinking about this when we came across this great article online. This piece lays out the great new innovations that are coming for 2020, and how to keep your business on the cutting edge even during this difficult time. If you are a business owner or are just interested in technology, we suggest giving it a read.

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Considerations to Make For Every Major Relocation in Your Life

If you are moving to the other side of the planet or just the other side of the street, there are dozens of little, and not so little decisions that need to be made. The stress of having to turn a new place into a home is bad enough, but needing to figure out where the best pizza shop is too? That’s way too much for a single person to handle.

Luckily we found an article that details all of the considerations you need to make while in the process of moving. From how to make it easier on your pets to finding a new doctor, it’s all covered. If you are interested in the topic we recommend giving it a read.

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Buying a New Home

Unless you are Mr. Moneybags in his golden tower, chances are the most you’ll ever spend on something is a new house. Looking for new home can fill you with panic, what if you commit a 30 year mortgage on a money pit or maybe your new neighbors host a twice weekly midnight drum circle on their front yard. You just don’t know!

We found an article that can take some of the fear out of the purchase. We found this piece to have a lot of good practical advice for potential homebuyers.

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Data Center Environmental Control

How secure is the environment around your data center? Are your server racks safe from humidity, moisture and static? If you are unsure about the security of your data center critical environments and what to do about it, please read this article to learn more about data center safety measures. For more information read more here:

Swim Training

Learn about swim training necessary to achieve goals, Olympic and otherwise. Swim Training is a new site dedicated to health and fitness tips to get the average reader in the best shape of their lives. Whether you are a dedicated athlete or you are just getting motivated to make some serious life changes, has the advice and tips you need to be successful.

Children Learn Through Play

It has long been understood that play is not wasted time. Even going back to the 19th century, psychologists have studied how play can help develop a child’s cognitive and social skills. Whether it’s team play or alone, children are able to use their play time to develop their minds.

Learning through play has been determined to be one of the best ways for children to learn. They hone their social skills, learn how to settle conflicts with others, they learn how to negotiate during play, and take their experiences and apply it to other areas of their life.


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