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Or you. Whitney is a dentist who can show you how to enhance your smile using three easy steps.

There is no way to predict that tooth whitening will go away anytime in the near future. The trend has been in the making for many years. What person doesn’t want whiter teeth and a beautiful smile? No one could say no to that. It’s true that not everybody is qualified for teeth bleaching. Before you think about bleaching your teeth, make sure you are not pregnant or nursing, less than the age of 18, in treatment and using the photosensitive drug being diagnosed with melanoma and a list of other conditions that would not mean you are a good candidate. Listen to this video and hear about the rest of the list of things that make you an unqualified candidate.

Prior to beginning the process of teeth whitening before you begin the process, it’s important to make sure that your teeth are professionally cleaned. The process will remove any plaque buildup. It is important when you only see the dentist once a year. However, if you do visit your dentist twice a year for examinations, you don’t need to fret about making an additional appointment. The entire video for all the steps you must take prior to thinking about dental whitening.


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