The Benefits of Installing a Solar Power System –

The benefits of the system are obvious. These include reduced dependence on the grid and continuous access to the renewable energy sources. Additionally, they reduce energy costs. The homeowners shouldn’t miss the opportunity to set up solar panels, just based upon these advantages alone. They sound appealing on however how would solar panels work in actual reality?

This video will show a homeowner reviewing what benefits he could get from the solar system following one year using functional solar panels in his home. The panels were put up by the homeowner himself making use of a DIY installation kit which made the process inexpensive in the end. His solar panels produced 13,140 kilowatt hours of energy through the year. Given that energy costs in the region are around 10 cents per hour for a kilowatt He calculated that his solar panels helped him save $1314 from his electrical bills. This saved him $3.60 every day for all of the year.

In the end, the person who hosts the video is pleased with his solar panel and recommends that other homeowners get similar panels for those who want to cut costs and become more self-sufficient.

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