Vinyl v. Laminate Flooring Which to Choose? – Home Efficiency Tips


Laminate is strong and durable that is often confused with real wood flooring. Flooring made of laminate is far more affordable than real wood. Here’s a breakdown of the contents of laminate flooring.

Laminate flooring is made up of four layers. The backing layer helps to set the boards, the stabilizing layer keeps it in place and also protects against water. Higher quality will be achieved by having the stabilizing layers larger. Your wood print is printed on your decorative layer. The overlay helps protect the layer of decoration from harm.


Vinyl flooring is dominating the market due to it needs less care than laminate flooring, and has similar features.

Vinyl has also four layers including the backing, core layer (which is used to stabilize the laminate) The decorative layer, and the wear layers.

If you’re searching for classic elegant and modern-looking floors that are more affordable than wooden flooring, contact the local flooring provider to find the right option.


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