What Should You Expect From Your Bankruptcy Attorney – Legal News Letter

Lawyers can assist you determine the various options for you to consider in your particular legal case.
• Talk about strategies
• Give a timeline of the most significant events, as well as
* Answer any questions you may have and promptly return phone calls
* Honest Case Analysis

The integrity between the attorney and client is at the heart of any bankruptcy proceeding. A complete disclosure to the attorney of any information that you need to provide is crucial.

Additionally, you want an attorney who will honestly let you know if the case will operate as you would like it to. A lot of cases were re-filed by our clients from other firms than our own. We have refiled cases from other companies. The company wasn’t being forthcoming with customers about their process or what the judge expected. It is imperative that they are presented with alternatives and allowed to choose.

A lawyer must know the basics of bankruptcy law, including the process and deadlines. Furthermore, the attorney must be well-informed and knowledgeable regarding bankruptcy law, particularly in Georgia. z4lz2v76dg.

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