Find the Best Casting Process for Your Aluminum Products – The Employer Store

nd permanent and permanent mold casting. Every one of these processes has a purpose in the manufacturing process, but there is the right time and the proper place to everything.

Since you must create the mold each time you make sand castings they can be difficult. It’s the cheapest alternative, however if you’re seeking a top-quality finish and a long-lasting mold then sand casting might not be for you.

On the flip side, die casting is among the most expensive type of casting. This could cost you in the thousands. This is a great option for big-scale projects like kitchen knobs on cabinets. This technique should only be thought of if you need to produce a large amount of your item. The investment casting process can be done out of any metal.

When creating aluminum products, you should consider the possibility of permanent mold casting. It’s not much more costly than sand casting however, you’ll be able to use the mold again. The finished product will be exquisite.


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