What is the Difference Between Bail and Bond – United States Laws

Once the judge has read the charges against you and you’ve pleaded not guilty to them the judge will require you to remain in jail while you are waiting for your next court date. In addition, the judge will set an amount for bail that you are required to pay in order to be released from the jail. In other words, if you’ve enough money to pay bail, then you’ll get out from jail. But, it’s a must that you keep the court dates. Your court hearings will proceed as normal. The terms of these agreements are part of bail and bonds.

If you’re unable to find funds to make cash bail, then you may make use of a bond agency. For this, you can buy insurance bonds. Since the agent for the bonds has a contract with an insurance company which is an insurance company, you must pay a premium. Also, you must post an amount of collateral. This could be your house or car. If you are not showing to court for the proceedings, these things will be confiscated. Therefore, once you attend every court proceeding to the final day the court proceedings, you’ll get your bail or bond back. To prevent any issues make sure you stick to the conditions.


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