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Having a diverse workplace is one of the key factors that help keep businesses running smoothly. Research shows that more diverse workplaces are better for long-term success. The reason is the fact that individuals from all backgrounds bring different perspective and thoughts to the group table. In the upper management, this is where diversity starts. Concerning the inclusion and diversity of employees, organisations are able to disseminate their ideas starting from the top. In some organizations, there is no diversity because they do not have policies in place. They may have policies all over the world, but companies may not be able to practice the concept of diversity every day. When employees feel that they’re not at ease in their workplace, it has an effect on the workplace. The results of this could be harmful, like stress levels high that employees may take into their daily lives. Employers there is a possibility that it will be difficult to create a welcoming environment without creating a plan of action. There are companies that commit the time needed to visit offices and educate employees about diverse perspectives. There is a wealth of information to be learned about diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Watch this video to get more information. r47gwweme3.

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