A DIY Guide to a Complete Septic Field Install – Melrose Painting

These steps can help you in the installation of your septic tank.

1. Note the exact location your septic system to be installed. This must be clearly noted by your architect on the plan.

2. Excavate the area of the area where the septic line will be constructed. Excavate to an average depth of six feet. However, many plans call for at least ten feet.

3. Lay out your tank and pipe fittings and pipes. The location of these structures needs to be marked on professional plans. Ensure that these structures are installed at the proper size and depth.

4. Install drainage gravel where required. Gravel coverage is not required for the vast majority of layouts. It is important to mix your gravel properly and that it is properly measured.

5. The pipes and tank should be put in place. Connect these fixtures to your house’s plumbing. snvt96xau3.

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