How Bail Bonding Works – Madison County Library

However, that doesn’t mean that police can’t arrest people, however. While people might not be found guilty until they go through lengthy court proceedings, some police officers are still in the habit of arresting individuals and send them to jail.

Waiting games begin once you are in jail. The courts must have an appeal for bail before they release those who have been detained. In this hearing, a judge assigns a bail amount to their matter. They have to pay the amount in order to be released for the time until their next court appearance. In the event that they adhere to all of their court appearances and follow the guidelines set out for them, they’ll receive the amount back.

While this might seem contradictory at first, bail has a legitimate function in the law system. Bail is a way to encourage people to be involved in the legal system rather than escaping the law.

Most people are unable to pay for bail. They use bail bonding companies to make the payment for them. In return, they pay the bail bonding agents a fraction of the cost of their bail. d7lroqekkt.

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