Niche Cleveland Internships to Complete in High School – Cleveland Internships

Cleveland is home to numerous companies and organizations ideal for students at the high school level seeking their first job. Explore these Cleveland-based jobs that you are able to easily submit an application to using your higher education admissions software, which will allow you to learn new information as well as gain experience in different disciplines:

NECAis the National Electrical Contractors Association Program

NECA is a Cleveland High School Clinic internship program which gives students hands-on work experience while developing contact and professional relationships within the industry. It offers internships for marketing, product management graphic design, and public relations.

It’s a fantastic learning experience for anyone who is a business or technical person. This can make you more appealing to potential employers when they see you have basic knowledge of the world that you is applicable to the workplace. Additionally the fact that it’s NECA which is a highly known business that is located in Cleveland! Not only does it look amazing on paper having them on your resume and cover letter, but it will also assist by establishing contact if you invest time and effort into your internship.

Firewire Internship Program

Firewire is a Cleveland clinic high school internship program which matches deserving high school seniors to employers from Northeast Ohio who are looking for interns who can complete their assignments while also learning about the company and becoming interested in the possibility of permanent employment. Internships during the summer will provide students valuable experience while earning community service hours.

The students may have the opportunity of interviewing with employers after completing the 10 week-long, paid internship. This is an excellent chance, particularly if you have no idea what field you’d like to study after you graduate from college. The opportunity could even result in full-time employment after graduation which is a great option to increase your professional resume! Real-world experience 9qg2rh331t.

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