What CAN a Lawyer Do in a Naturalization (Citizenship) Interview? – Free Litigation Advice

It’s one series of questions that decides the decision on whether you are eligible to stay in the country that you currently call home. For some people, they might hire a citizen lawyer for the documents required to become a citizen but do not need an attorney for the actual interview. Although you might be able to save some money on the cost of your test, an immigration attorney can assist with various aspects. In the first place, there aren’t identical every year. You can’t inquire from someone who took the test earlier to provide answers. You can also practice the questions and gain a greater understanding through consulting with an immigration lawyer. Also, even though there’s some questions on the form for the citizenship exam, there are only a handful of questions that the immigration officer can actually ask. A lawyer can assist you to prepare for the difficult questions even if they don’t have the answer. qw6esjd2tr.

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