Gutters protect your roofing and foundation. What happens with gutters is that without them, the water stays and drips on the edges of your shingles, resulting in the water getting in your foundation and siding which causes mold and crumbling of your foundation. Your roof is also damaged by this since it is the place where water accumulates of your roof. There is no doubt that it is better to have a gutter company replace your roof , rather than hire the roofing contractors. The price difference is huge in that gutters are priced at four figures, while roofing can cost at the least five numbers. When it comes to installing the gutters you can choose between two options. The method you choose depends on the existence of an exterior fascia in your house. Most homeowners have a fascia board. In this case, the gutters are attached on the fascia with bolts and screws. This is the most crucial element. It is important to ensure that your gutters are properly positioned so water flows toward the downspout. ydx928iqd2.

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