What Are Cryo Facials Like? – Greg’s Health Journal

A cryo facial uses a laser cooling technique with an technical serum to increase skin regeneration and decrease general inflammation.

The practice starts off by cleansing your skin. After cleansing, an ultra-sonic scrubber protects and moisturizes the black and whiteheads. Once your skin is sterile, the extraction process starts which removes impurities from the skin. Then, a derma roller stimulates collagen and allows the serum to sink in your skin better. This step does demand microneedles, which are not painful.

The last step is cryotherapy and cleansing. Cryotherapy uses a wand with a -5 level temperature serum. Additionally, it utilizes galvanic currents, a type of electro therapy that moisturizes and hydrates your skin following the extraction and micro-needling.

Kye liked this step and the process overall. The facial needs to create skin look fuller and feel firmer. Kye gave it a thumbs up as well as the overall process is a pampering treat on skin. 9o25awusyf.

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