Children Learn Through Play

It has long been understood that play is not wasted time. Even going back to the 19th century, psychologists have studied how play can help develop a child’s cognitive and social skills. Whether it’s team play or alone, children are able to use their play time to develop their minds.

Learning through play has been determined to be one of the best ways for children to learn. They hone their social skills, learn how to settle conflicts with others, they learn how to negotiate during play, and take their experiences and apply it to other areas of their life.



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Happily Ever After Starts With Buying that First Home for Many Americans

Buying that engagement ring for someone special is just the start of several earth shattering life decisions that need to be made. Sure that 1 bedroom apartment with the futon is comfy, it’s been home for years. But at some point you need to start thinking about your growing family and having enough space for 2.3 kids and a dog. Especially the dog.

Millennials are the largest block of new home buyers precisely because it’s time for them to finally start settling down. No more fun for you, Millennials! So how do you decide to purchase your first home? We found a blog that details helpful real estate tips as well as provides actionable home improvement tips.


My Home Cooking Story

You know why restaurants exist? Because cooking is hard! It’s messy and expensive and time consuming and usually pretty disappointing. Imagine spending four hours on something you finish eating in 15 minutes…barely seems worth it. That why we have been enjoying reading the blogs of those much braver than us. My Home Cooking Story details the successes and many many failures of someone trying to become an actual functional home cook. No Cup of Noodles here!

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